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Mass Communication and Public Administration

― 丁寧でやさしい講師です
― 初めての方にもやさしく指導します。
― 落ち着きのある優しい講師です。

(1) 他の講師と比べてどのような特徴がありますか?


I've been teaching for 1 year and 3 months at Langrich ESL Online School. I love Japanese foods like tempura, fried rice and combinations of seafood Bento from my favorite Japanese Restaurant like Rai Rai Ken and Tokyo Tokyo. I like Japanese culture specially their working ethics, Japanese are known to be honest and hardworking.

As a teacher my best strength is I am a good communicator.
It is very important to communicate my message well to my students, so that they can understand what I am talking or teaching about.

My goal as a teacher is to get the student to speak and express in whatever way possible. Because a student who does not speak cannot make mistakes, be corrected, or improve. As a teacher I would like to draw the student out into a place of being able to express willingly and, later on, confidently.

(2) 大学時代の専攻はなんでしたか?


My major in college was Mass Communication and I also finished Master in Public Administration.

As Mass Communications graduate, I learned how to be responsible to relay messages to large groups of people instantaneously in forms of news media, advertising or public relations. On the other hand Master in Public Administration provided me strong foundation of administrative concepts, processes and techniques related to the management of public institutions. I learned about policy making, managing public and private organizations, professional perspectives of the practical dimensions of administration.

(3) 英語を教える際、どのような分野のレッスンが得意ですか?


As graduate of Mass Communication and Master in Public Administration, I am more knowledgeable about current affairs, politics, economics and conversation.

I know something about public relations, mediating, leadership, organization, research, policy-writing. Furthermore, I learned to find practical solutions for modern, real-world issues, such as sustainable living, climate-change, education, and health care reform.



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