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マスコミ /Mass Communication


◆ メリヴィン(Melvin)講師
(1) 生徒様の成長記録をノートに書き留め、真摯に生徒さんに向き合う講師です。
(2) 将来の目標は映画監督です。学生新聞の記者の経験から、英作文のレベルが高いです。
(3) 働きながら8年間かけて大学を卒業。努力家で、他人に優しい人柄です。

(1) 生徒様の成長記録をノートに書き留め、真摯に生徒さんに向き合う講師です。






(3) 働きながら8年間かけて大学を卒業。努力家で、他人に優しい人柄です。


Hello and Welcome to Langrich!
I'm teacher Melvin.
"Everything happens for a reason" is the principle that governs in my system. Coming from an impoverished family, it took me eight years to earn a degree. I had to struggle in order for me to finish my college. That was 2004 when I stopped going to school to find a job so that I will be able to pay my remaining balance in school, at the same time help my family with regards to the financial aspect. I experienced working as DVD Vendor, House Helper, Shoe Salesman, and finally a crew of Jollibee. Jollibee had played vital role in fulfilling my dream, and that is to finish college. With what had happened to me, I realized that indeed everything happens for a reason. God let struggled in my studies because he wanted me to be an inspiration to others. After eight years of waiting for a diploma, I finally made it and graduated as Cum Laude.
One of the things that fascinate me is the Art of Film-making and Photography. I consider myself as an artist. I love to captured beautiful photos and create beautiful films. Because of this drive, I joined contest in photography and fortunately won. I also won in the film-making contest in our school. This passion of mine had inculcated the idea that life is indeed beautiful.
Being an artist, I dream of being labeled as multi-awarded film-maker and photographer. In order for me to achieve this dream, I would study about these fields so that I will be able to enhance my craft. I would strive hard so that I will be able to build my dream house, drive my dream car, and travel to beautiful and exotic places.
I am the type of person who can be considered as ambitious. I am very optimistic and consider every happening in my life as if it happens with a purpose. I also never settle for mediocrity. Because I am human, vulnerable to imperfections, I also have some aspects in me that I considered as liabilities. One area in me that needs to be improved is I easily get sick at heart every time I feel neglected and unwanted.
My life is indeed full of dreams; dreams that open my eyes to the reality that life is beautiful. Just put in our minds that good things come to those who wait and persevere.



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