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Office Administration

(1) 他の講師と比べてどのような特徴がありますか?

I joined Langrich when I was 3rd year college student way back year 2013. I have been teaching at Langrich for 2 years and 2 months and up to the present. After graduating from my university last April 2014, I decided to continue and inspire more students to love English. I only not teach, I also educate.For two years, I learned Japanese cultures and traditions. I'd still love to learn many things about Japan. I like to go there if opportunity comes. I love meeting Japanese people, for they are kind, polite and hardworking. And one more thing, I love to share Filipino cultures to them. Though I didn't major Education, I believe that I could still be a good teacher and educator. As an Online English Teacher, my main goal is to create new and interesting ways for my students to learn. That what makes me unique :)"In learning, you will teach and in teaching, you will learn"- Phil Collins

(2) 大学時代の専攻はなんでしたか?

On April 2, 2014, I graduated at my university. This day marked a major milestone in my life. I majored Bachelor of Science in Office Administration. This is a four year degree program designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in business management and office processes .In addtion, this major also prepares students to be able to carry out clerical, administrative, supervisory and managerial tasks.With the above-mentioned objectives, I've learned a lot of things in my university days. I was an active student in our organization. With that, I was elected as the Vice President for two years (S.Y. 2012-2014). I am good at Stenoraphy. Stenography is a shorhand writing method. I was a second placer in a Stenography contest in our organization. Someday, I want to work as a Legal or Medical Stenographer."The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery".- Mark Van Doren

(3) 英語を教える際、どのような分野のレッスンが得意ですか?

I am a talkative person. I love to talk about world news and experiences in life. I love reading online articles especially from Yahoo. I also like reading and watching news and current affairs. I love learning different cultures around the world, especially Japanese. My interests include, playing some sports like volleyball and badminton. I love watching movies such as American, Korean, Indian, Thai, Chinese and of course, local Filipino movies. I have watched Japanese too. I enjoy watching any movies as long as it has an English subtitle. For me, music is life. So, I love listening to music and karaoke sessions. Lastly, I prefer to sleep during my days off. "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world".- Nelson Mandela



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