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Secondary Education

(1) 他の講師と比べてどのような特徴がありますか?

I have 1 year experience in an ESL school as well as an experienced teaching high school students in the Philippines. I'm a person who has a sense of humor, knows how to communicate and socialize different kinds of people, and a responsible one. I have the passion of teaching and I really love to have a class with students who are not just Filipinos but also foreigners . At the same time, I like to spend time talking with them.

(2) 大学時代の専攻はなんでしたか?

I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Technology and Livelihood Education. I graduated last April 02, 2013 and awarded as a Cum Laude. I also graduated with honor when I was in high school and got the Third Honorable Mention. I was a former Sangguniang Kabataan Councilor in Cebu City, a Child Right Advocate in a non-government organization, and a volunteer facilitator when there are activities for young ones in the city of Cebu. Because of these, I am able to mold myself as to what I am now and continues to improve more.

(3) 英語を教える際、どのような分野のレッスンが得意ですか?

I really like to have a conversation with others, talk about current events, and love to share different views in life. I have fun talking about the different experiences in life. I enjoy playing sports such as volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Watching movies is what I also like to do.



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