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Development Communication

(1) 他の講師と比べてどのような特徴がありますか?

What makes raine2 unique is she have handled seminars as the spokesperson. She knows a lot of foreign languages including Japanese language. She loves anime and loves to cosplay. Raine2 is interested in Japanese culture and arts.

(2) 大学時代の専攻はなんでしたか?

My major in college is Bachelor of Science in Development Communication where we should master 5 skills such as Writing, broadcasting, multimedia design, photography and total communication. I used to be part of an AM radio station here in the Philippines where I anchor a program. As of now I am in my second year college and currently the Vice President of the school's Supreme Student Council and was the former Managing Editor of our school publication "Kahayag".

(3) 英語を教える際、どのような分野のレッスンが得意ですか?

In teaching I usually use the conversation type because as I learned on my subject Educational Communication, learners learn most when they interact. Even through distant education, I implement a democratic classroom management. I get to know my students first in order to know what type of learner they are and know which teaching technique I must use to make the teaching effective.



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