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Marine Biology

(1) 他の講師と比べてどのような特徴がありますか?

I have had the opportunity of working with people of different nationalities both in the academe and in the working environment so I am aware of how difficult it is to hold long conversations in english when your native tongue is a different language. I think that this experience has prepared me to be an effective and sympathetic teacher of english as a second language.

(2) 大学時代の専攻はなんでしたか?

I studied Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, focusing particularly on coral reef restoration. During the time I spent at University, I was given the opportunity to work on various research projects which has allowed me to write research papers. Such experience has greatly contributed to my English communication skills as it has allowed me to better translate my ideas into the English language.

(3) 英語を教える際、どのような分野のレッスンが得意ですか?

My fields of knowledge is primarily focused on the natural sciences. In Biological Science to be more accurate. While majority of my time is spent studying this subject, I also love to read on various topics such as history, current events, and a few subjects on liberal arts. Currently, I am very much interested in biographies of historical figures on the subject of capitalism.



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